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Confirm with Yes to power off. Select -New contact- and press Add. Page 12 English Tip: You can also set the phone to automatically update the time and date according to the current time zone.

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Automatic update of date and time does not change the time you have set for the alarm clock or the calendar. Repeat to confirm. Keypad lock You can lock the keypad to prevent the keys being accidentally pressed, for example, when your phone is in your handbag. Page Receive A Call English to scroll through the phonebook, or quick search by pressing the key corresponding to the first letter of the entry, see En- ter textp.

Press Call to dial the selected entry. If needed, select the number. Alternatively, press to dial. Page Call Options English Call options During a call the selection buttons give access to additional functions. Press OK to confirm. Delete with Clear. SOS calls As long as the phone is parimatch faceit on, it is always possible to place an SOS call by entering the main local emergency number for your present loca- tion followed by Some networks accept calls to emergency numbers without a valid SIM Page Call Settings English Call settings Voice mail If your subscription includes an answering service, callers can leave a voice mail message when you cannot answer a call.

Voice mail is a net- work service and you may need to subscribe to it first. For more informa- tion and for the voice mail number, contact your service provider. Select Call waiting Activate. Tip: Repeat and select Deactivate to disable call waiting, or Query status to display if call waiting is active or not. Answer mode Press Menu Settings Calls Page Call Barring English Call barring Your phone can be restricted to disallow certain types of calls.

A password is needed to apply call barring. Contact your service provider to get the password. Page Phonebook English Phonebook phonebook can store entries with 3 phone numbers in each entry.

Doro PhoneEasy 508 User Manual

Enter a Name for the contact, see Enter textp. Enter the phone number of the recipient. Alternatively use to scroll through the phonebook, or quick search by pressing the key corresponding to the first let- ter of the entry, see Enter textp.

You can also select to add additional numbers. Enter name and number, see Enter textp. Information to the recipient of an assistance call, when Confirm with "0" is activated. Activate text messages SMS A text message can be sent to the contacts in the numbers list when the assistance button is pressed.

Before you can send any text messages, you need to save your message centre number. The message is sent immediately. Press Yes to delete or No to return. У вас есть планы на то, чтобы стать клиентом лучшего азартного клуба? Тогда поспешите узнать, какие преимущества приобретут гемблеры Пинап Казино:. На www pin up casino войти можно не только через уже знакомую версию для браузера ПК, но и с помощью смартфонов и планшетов с операционной системой Android. Мобильную версию казино можно скачать у нас на портале абсолютно бесплатно.

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